The IMMEX Program Offers Immediate Health Care Solutions

The IMMEX Program was founded by the Hospital Corporation of TACNA with the mission of offering medical and other professional services to foreign shores through their network of hospitals. It is a non-profit organization that facilitates health insurance and recruitment in over 150 countries throughout the world. It operates in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental agencies. It provides assistance to health care providers, brokers, direct sales organizations and employers who want to expand their network of foreign clients. In addition, it promotes cross-border opportunities to foreign professionals seeking employment opportunities in the United States.

IMMEX Program

The goal of the IMMEX program is to provide a safe gateway for immigrants and foreign professionals to achieve access to high-quality health care while working in a harmonious setting. To meet this goal, the IMMEX Program offers specialized insurance brokerages and recruitment services to companies and health care facilities that are interested in promoting their foreign workforce. Through the IMMEX Program, employers gain the benefits of having a foreign worker without the expense and paperwork burdens that come along with bringing a new foreign employee into the country.

Many foreign countries lack workers with appropriate levels of health insurance. For this reason, IMMEX provides an array of benefits for its foreign workers which includes offering temporary health insurance coverage and group health insurance plans. The IMMEX Program also facilitates registration of eligible workers in a timely manner and provides them with free medical and life insurance.

By registering with the IMMEX Program, employers gain immediate access to a database of workers from a variety of countries. These workers are screened for a variety of diseases, such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and injuries which may have occurred on the job. Once these diseases are identified, the appropriate IMMEX coverage is immediately provided. Additionally, once workers become members of the IMMEX Program, they are eligible to apply for federal benefits such as Social Security.

Because IMMEX is an international program, its benefits are not restricted to U.S. workers alone. Importers and exporters from foreign countries can benefit from the IMMEX program, too. IMMEX benefits not only include immediate health coverage for imported individuals but also give employers access to a large pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals. The IMMEX Program provides employers with an inexpensive alternative to traditional recruitment and hiring costs. This service cuts down on recruiting costs because foreign professionals who are ineligible for U.S. health insurance will be automatically added to the IMMEX database, allowing employers to tap into a large pool of potential workers with various skills, qualifications, and experience levels.

One of the biggest concerns that many potential immigrants and expatriates have regarded getting health insurance while living abroad is being able to trust an international health insurance company. However, by enrolling in the IMMEX program, an individual can rest assured that he or she will be provided with proper insurance services. Because most IMMEX participants receive a variety of benefits, including access to health care at any time, they prove particularly useful to overseas patients who do not wish to travel outside their home country to receive necessary medical treatment. In addition, IMMEX benefits employees and employers alike. By offering employers access to a large pool of qualified and experienced professionals, IMMEX makes the employer responsibility to provide insurance to their workers completely transparent.

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